If you want to order or get a quote, please fill in the form below:

By sending a payment, you are agreeing to our terms of service. Violation of terms of service will result in the cancelation of commission or purchase.

Terms of Service


You must be 18 years or older to make a purchase or commission us.


Payment method outside Finland only PayPal. Bank transfer is preferred for domestic commissions. To reserve your spot in our queue you need to make a 50% down payment. We cannot hold a spot in our commission queue for free.

Payments after the down payment may be done in three parts, 25% + 25% + shipping cost.

If you can't make a payment in time as we agreed, inform us as soon as possible so we can make a new payment plan.

Any changes made to the order may increase the original price.


It is crucial to make sure you are financially secure before commissioning. If you do decide to cancel your order, 50% of the full price is non-refundable. If work has already been started on your commission it will affect how much can be refunded of the refundable part. Refund will not be issued once a costume or parts are completed. We do not accept returns.

If your order is cancelled by us, your order will be fully refunded. We hold the right to cancel an order due to any reason.

If payments are not being made and we cannot get a hold of the client via any reasonable method (Email, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook), the commission will be considered abandoned after 3 months from last contact. Refund will not be issued and the client is no longer entitled to the materials or costume.

Any costume that is left to us due to cancellation or abandonment of a commission, will be altered and then sold.


Remaining amount of the price (+shipping) must be paid within 4 weeks once your costume is completed and final pictures have been sent.

If the final payment isn't being done within 4 weeks, a storage fee will be charged. Storage fee for the first month is 50€ and 100€ for the months after that. We can store a costume up to 3 months if requested. Storage fee will be added to the invoice after every month of the costume being stored until the invoice (including storing fees) is paid in full.

Keep in mind that Tulius Costumes is located in Finland and international shipping cost can be up to 600€ depending on your location, shipping service and what you ordered.

Once your commission is handed to the shipping company, Tulius Costumes is not responsible for issues with shipping. This includes customs fees, delays, lost, stolen or damaged items. If your package is broken when you receive it, contact your service provider.


We do not accept deadlines. If you want your suit ready for an upcoming event, consider applying for the first slot of the season.

First slot of the season

You can apply to be picked for the first slot of the season so your order will be the first one to be worked on and completed on the coming season. This doesn't mean your order will cut in front of the current queue, have a set deadline or be rushed.

First slot of the season has a 10% fee that will be added to the final price. If multiple commissions have applied for the first slot, one commission will be picked for the slot. Only the picked commission will have the 10% fee added to the final price. If no one applied, all slots will be picked for the chosen commissions and no fees apply.

Concept art

In order to get your character design right, a clear fursuit friendly reference sheet with flat colors and a palette is required. No shadows or shading. We do not accept AI generated references!


All work (except items that may be used for sexual activity) have a warranty of 90 days from date of items received and it covers construction and material defects. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (to be determined by us). We are not responsible if your suit gets dirty in your care. Suits require cleaning and maintenance to ensure they last many years.


Note that Tulius Costumes has a cat that might come in contact with suits or materials. Please consider this before commissioning us if you have any allergies.

We do not accept materials provided by the client.

You will receive WIPs when progress is made, inform us if you don't want any pictures posted of your suit on our website or social media.

If you ordered an item that requires a duct tape dummy, please wait to make your DTD until it is requested. You will be given instructions by us on how to make one. It is important that the duct tape dummy is an accurate representation of your body. Badly made DTD may result in a poorly fitting costume.